Dell EMC ECS 介绍

Dell EMC ECS 介绍

The DELL EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) is a rack-based, flexible, and expandable object storage solution. The ECS is configured through a Web Management Interface frontend (HTTPS). In combination with a Kemp load balancer, an ECS can provide object storage using the protocols S3, Atmos, SWIFT, and Network File System (NFS) in addition to the Web Management Interface. Other protocols such as CAS are also possible but are published without load balancers.

Dell EMC ECS 架构

Dell EMC ECS is a software-defined object storage solution that can be deployed as a complete storage appliance or leverage supported standard hardware. Dell EMC ECS consists of the following components:

  • ECS Portal and Provisioning Services
  • Data Services
  • Storage Engine
  • Fabric
  • Infrastructure
  • Hardware
    The following table provides a list of the Dell EMC ECS default ports and protocols used for accessing the storage.
ECS Protocol Transport Protocol or Daemon Service Port
S3 HTTP 9020
HTTPS 9021
Atmos HTTP 9022
HTTPS 9023
Swift HTTP 9024
HTTPS 9025
NFS Portmap 111
Mountd, nfsd 2049
Lockd 10000



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