Linux 下收集Brocade 300交换机诊断日志

1、管理口IP地址 ping 不通

3、用串口线登录交换机,执行命令: ipaddrshow 再次确认管理口IP地址;
4、用串口线登陆,运行"hareboot"命令,执行完命令后,管理口恢复正常,可以ping 通,问题解决。


[root@localhost ~]# ssh admin@ | tee /
admin@'s password:
Please change passwords for switch default accounts now.
Use Control-C to exit or press 'Enter' key to proceed.

Password was not changed. Will prompt again at next login
until password is changed.
LB-SW2:admin> supportshow

# 详情省略 。。。

db 0/0/0 dbg set extshow filter 1  :
Changing filterportshow output old: Brief(0), new: Extended(1)
Command Completed

Fri Sep  3 08:30:30 UTC 2021
**** End start_fc_port_cmd group ****
**** Begin start_enclosure_cmd group ****
Fri Sep  3 08:30:31 UTC 2021
ENCLOSURE INFO: MODEL Not supported on this platform UNIT ID Not supported on this platform LOCATION Not supported on this platform

Fri Sep  3 08:30:32 UTC 2021
**** End start_enclosure_cmd group ****
Please run supportSave if you wish to collect more support information and FTP them off the switch
LB-SW1:admin> exit
Connection to closed.


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