DataDomain fastcopy 示例:复制一个大型文件夹只需要不到1秒

sysadmin@ddve# filesys fastcopy source /data/col1/soft destination /data/col1/unit_boostfs/soft

Destination "/data/col1/unit_boostfs/soft" already exists.
Proceeding will overwrite its content with "/data/col1/soft".
        Are you sure? (yes|no) [no]: yes

ok, proceeding.

Creating snapshot "FASTCOPY-2022-12-12-15-57-24" with one-hour retention period...done
Use this snapshot to recover in case of a mistake.

(00:00) Waiting for fastcopy to complete...
Fastcopy status: fastcopy /data/col1/soft to /data/col1/unit_boostfs/soft: copied 816 files, 95 directories in 0.89 seconds



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